“Beauty means to me..”PART 5 | 31-08-2016

“I tried to copy the YouTubers but it simply doesn’t happen”

Spanish beauty Sabrina Kara from Etten-Leur (37) would rate herself high when it comes to knowing about the products and what they do. “But when it comes to putting all together on my face I would say am very, very basic. I tried nevertheless to copy the youtubers but it simply doesn’t happen. It looks too overly done on my skin! Hahaha! And I always end up taking it all off as I don’t look like me anymore. :-)Sabrina 2

“What is it that you would like to learn by watching You Tube?”

I would love to know what colors suit me the best and what I should definitely NOT put on makeup wise. Specially the base, I would love to perfect that. I would love to find some light foundation from Dior to use on a daily basis or when I want a more “put together”  look. Also, I would love to be able to learn a light smoky eye for everyday.

 “Can you tell us more about your routine?”

I would say my skin care routine is very very strict. I don’t skip taking off my makeup and also I have an obsession with Japanese and French Pharmacy skincare. SKII, La Roche Posay & Lancôme are my top 3.Sabrina 4

“That sounds like  you take a lot of time in the morning!”

I can do my makeup in 10mins which includes the following items: Max Factor Mascara, Nars or MAC Concealer, Dior Blush and any lipstick I want that day. I am big right now on this “crayon” type lipsticks specially the ones from Essence that costs only 2€. On the weekend I have been adding the new L’Oreal Cushion BB cream with 25spf and I really really love it.

“Something tells me you have a lot of products!”

Actually….La Prairie anything and Guerlain firming & brightening Serum are both still on my wishlist. The first is the dream, and I cannot afford right now. But the second trying to squeeze it in the Xmas list of this year (can somebody pass this on to Michel 😉 )

“Does the matter of liking good products have to do with your beauty sin??”

I don’t know if it fits as a sin, it is surely a sin on my wallet, I cannot stop buying make up and beauty products! Specially when it is for brightening skin, I fall immediately.Sabrina 3

“What means beauty to you, Sabrina?”

First of all; a healthy self brings your best self by far. When I am healthy and slept 8 hours I look my best and don’t even need concealer which is a must on those late nights 😉 I always try to look as natural as possible, this is why the obsession with skincare. I think beauty begins with a super good skin and makeup just highlights what’s already there.

“Any beauty stuff that you better should have skipped before?”

I can never get the shades right when it comes to Foundation. I would love to have all Dior Foundations because I tried some samples and I find them amazing on the skin but I just cannot seem to get the right colors! After buying so many at drugstores and spending so much money I stopped, I cannot pull it off. So I stick to BB creams cause they are generally the typical light, medium, dark…at least until my makeup session with you Annemiek 😉

sabrina 5“You coming from Barcelona, me going to Barcelona, what do I need to get?!”

I got to test Nars products this time while in Barcelona and ended up with the Orgasm blush (what tha f***?!) and two concealers in Honey and Custard. But the best I would recommend is the “Nude larger than life eyeliner” for the waterline. It is the most long lasting I have ever tried and I tried a lot…trust me.sabrina 7

“Is your make-up routine different when you are in Spain?”

Yes. If i go to the beach, I love to wear Lancôme doll eyes waterproof Mascara. If just going back home to visit my parents in Barcelona, I tend to wear no makeup. So just mascara and lip balm most of the days and sometimes even nothing.

“And last of all, do you have a great tip for us fellow make-up lovers?”

Not too much blush, in winter I tend to get pale and grayish looking and I tend to pile on lots and lots of blush to look more healthy.  …Don’t judge. Best blush ever Dior Rosy Glow. It suits I think everyone and every season.sabrina8

Wanna be part of my weekly beautyblog as well? Just let me know! Would love to here make-up routines from all over the world 😉

Lots of Love,