“Beauty favorites- tips- musthaves and blunders” PART 8 | 01-04-2016

This is Tiffany Fluent-Althuizen, 36 years, lives in Delft, daughter Josephine (3), and communications advisor for an engineering and consultancy company!


Tiff and I were once neighbours. We first met when she asked me to be her Bridal Make-up Artist 5 years ago. So we set a date to discuss her wishes, but at 2 a.m on a Tuesday morning we talked about anything but.. with a nice bottle of wine (or two?) After that, many of those great nights followed and up till now we are still really close friends!

Tiff being from the States (Ohio) makes me always wonder what new beautystuff she brought back this time, so cann’t wait to find out her favorites!

Beuatytip, eyebrowgel Benefit, Make-up Artist Annemiek Wijsman, Delft, makeup workshops Pijnacker“So…what’s your favoriete product these days?”

That would have to be BENFIT’S BROW GLOW pencil! I apply it just under the arch of my brow and/or on my bottom eyelid. This little pencil illuminates my eyes and helps me look more awake after a night of little sleep. It’s small enough and can even go in my purse to apply at the office when I need to freshen half way through the day.

“Any beautytips you would like to share with us?”

When it’maybelline-great-lash-r-clear-mascara-s humid in the summer or I hit the beach for the day, I switch my DIOR mascara for GREAT LASH MAYBLINNE CLEAR MASCARA. I still get thicker and longer lashes but without the smudging when I apply sunscreen or take a dip in the water. This mascara is also great for wearing to the gym so you can avoid raccoon eyes while working up a sweat and still have visible lashes. Applying to my eyebrows to help keep them shaped.

“Any beautyproducts on your wishlist right now?” (hint to Jord- 5th anniversary coming up I heard?!!)

One product I would love to have would be CHANEL LE LIFT or SUBLIMAGE EYE cream. These are still on my Beauty Bucket List!sublimage yeux, chanel, makeup workshops, beauty musthaves annemiek wijsman

“And if you don’t mind me asking..what’s your biggest beauty mistake?”

My biggest beauty blunder was when I was about 15 years old and decided to SHAVE LINES INTO MY EYEBROWS. Up to this day I am still trying to grow them in. What did I learn from this? Leave your natural brows to a professional and don’t fall for trends, leave you natural brows untouched as much as possible!

Next Saturday…”The favorite beautyproduct and budget-beautytip from Marijke Helsloot!”

See you than!

With love, Annemiek

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