Hair and Make-up artist at home

Special occasions make-up

Anything from birthdays to formal diners! But more often make-up for big event parties, award ceremonies or weddings.

I will come to you and make you look as gorgeous as you can be!

Make-up: € 75,-

Hairstyling: € 75,-

Hair and Make-up: € 135,-

Excl. travel cost from Pijnacker

Tiffany | Delft

“Thank you to the best makeup artist expert for making me look and feel brilliant today at the book launche of my husband!!! I loved that you wanted to try something different on me and you knew exactly how to do it, loved it!!!”

“Loved it!!!”

Woman @ work

Looking for a experienced Make-up artist at home?

  • Business presentation
  • Press event
  • Charity event
  • Conference
  • Award ceremony
  • Formal diners

As a business women you have other things to worry about than your make-up.

Over the last couple of years I was able to give women the confidence and self esteem to stand in front of a big crowd. I made them feel pretty and secure about their looks.

I will come to your location and together we decide which look will fit perfectly in your occasion.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss further possibility’s.